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Shandong Meihuayuan Industy Co.,Ltd is a large manufacturer of fine chemical and cosmetic materials that integrates R&D, production and sales together. All along, thanks to our thoughtful service to customers, high-quality products, competitive prices and professional team, Shandong Meihuayuan Industry has achieved rapid development, from the initial small factory to a supplier that provides one-stop purchasing and service for all over the world. Facing more opportunities and challenges in the future, we will make more efforts with a more innovative and pragmatic attitude. We look forward to cooperating with people to seek common development!
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Oxides are generally non-conductive. Except for alkali metals, metal oxides are generally insoluble in water and can be obtained by combining monomers with oxides, or by burning salts such as metal hydroxides, carbonates, and nitrates. Non-metallic oxides are susceptible to hydrolysis. Oxides that can react with bases to produce salt and water are called acidic oxides; oxides that can react with acids to produce salt and water are called basic oxides; oxides that can react with both acids and bases to produce salt and water are called amphoteric oxides. Non-metallic oxides are generally acidic oxides and metal oxides are generally basic oxides, but there are a few exceptions, such as the high-valent oxides manganese heptaoxide (Mn2O7) and chromium trioxide (CrO3).
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Organic Chemicals

Organic compounds can be divided into several major categories according to the nature of their molecules, the common ones such as Aliphatic - organic compounds with carbon chains as their backbone Aromatic - organic compounds containing benzene rings Heterocyclic - organic compounds with non-carbon atoms in the ring structure Polymers - molecules made of repeating units connected to each other with covalent bonds ...... etc.
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Arenic acid is defined as a compound that when dissolved in water, the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution is greater than the concentration of hydrogen ions in pure water. In other words, the pH of an acidic solution is less than the pH of water (which is 7 at 25°C for water). Acid is generally sour, but tasting acid (especially in high concentrations) is very, very dangerous. Acids can be neutralized with bases to produce water and salts. Acids can be divided into two types: inorganic acids and organic acids. A substance that is the opposite of an acid is a base.
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In chemistry, salt is a class of compounds in which metal ions or ammonium ions (NH4+) are combined with acid ions or non-metal ions, such as calcium sulfate, copper chloride, and sodium acetate. Generally speaking, salts are the products of complex decomposition reactions, such as sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide to produce sodium sulfate and water, and there are other reactions that can produce salts, such as substitution reactions.
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